The first celebrity management platform on blockchain

TEAM by TokenStars connects rising talents and successful PROs in sports and entertainment with fans and advertisers.

12 modules of the TokenStars platform are a one-stop-shop and a toolkit for celebrities to manage their fans and brands relations.

Based on ACE Token sale success!

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Token pre-sale start

TEAM Token Sale will start in November and close before the end of 2017

Details to be updated soon



Celebrities platform

Robin Söderling
No. 4 in ATP ranking. Grand Slam finalist at Roland Garros (2009, 2010). Winner of ATP Masters Finals (2010) and 10 international tournaments. Tennis coach. Former Tournament Director at Stockholm Open.
Anastasia Myskina
No. 2 in WTA ranking. Roland Garros champion (Grand Slam tournament), the winner of 2 Federation Cups and 21 international tournaments. Current Russian Federation Cup team captain, Vice-president of the Russian Tennis Federation.
Valery Karpin
Football manager and former professional football player. Valery played for Real Sociedad, Celta, Valencia CF, FC Spartak, and Russian national team. Managed RCD Mallorca and FC Spartak as a head coach. Career stats: 122 goals. Silver medalist at Spanish La Liga. 3- time winner of Russian football league. 2- time winner of Russian Cup.
Rico Torres
Top photographer in Hollywood with 30 years of experience in the industry. Worked in over 60 Hollywood movies. Captured images of Antonio Banderas, Bruce Willis, James Coburn, Jessica Alba, Danny Trejo, Lady Gaga and many more.
Maya Kurilova
Former Director of Operations, Octagon Russia (Top 3 global TMA) with 11 years of experience in talent management. Marketing Manager at Kremlin Cup. Agent of Elena Dementieva, Ekaterina Makarova.
Alexander Anter
Professional poker player (with 10+ years of experience) and Blockchain developer. World Series of Poker tournament winner (WSOP-2011) with the prize worth $750k. Full stack developer, founded his own web development agency. Alex is now utilizing Blockchain technology in web applications. CTO of RefToken.
Tennis Pro player
Will be announced soon
Football Pro player
Will be announced soon


The iconic images shot by our ambassador Rico Torres
Rico Torres iconic images

TokenStars platform

12 modules for the community

  • Earn tokens
  • Spend tokens
  • Rising talents
  • Successful PROs
  • World-known Celebrities


TokenStars Platform token structure



Supporting groups
of rising stars


individual celebrities

Talent Support Module

Fans support future stars by buying tokens. A rising star receives money to train, improve the skills. When successful, the star pays the platform commission from the sponsorship deals and prize money. Commission is paid in tokens, which are bought on the market.

During the growth period (which is 4 years in tennis, 0 in poker) the fans can redeem tokens for various services, provided by the rising stars.

Fans support 14-year old ‘Maria Sharapova’, she wins Wimbledon at 17. The platform receives 30% commission, paid in tokens.

TokenStars Team Module
TokenStars Team Module

Star ICO Module:
tokenizing time

The star conducts his personal ICO, gets upfront payment for various exclusive communications with the fans (locker-room tour, dinners, chats, merchandize).

Some offers are sold at auctions. Offers like video chats have unlimited number of participants. Celebrity time is a precious and limited resource. Which is a fundamental growth factor.

‘An Olympic champion’ presells 50 hours of his communications with the fans, who redeem tokens on 1 on 1 training with the star, VIP dinner, a video chat and other exclusive offers.

Star ICO Module:
tokenizing income

At a stage II after tokenizing time, TokenStars platform will help stars tokenize their income. A rising star might sign a binding agreement which grants certain percentage of future personal incomes in return for upfront payment.

This will most likely make the token a security token. So, the proper registration and legal framework will need to be implemented before launching this module.

‘Hollywood star’ is penniless after the divorce and rehab. He tokenizes 20% of his future incomes in return for fans’ support today. He makes a hit movie, pays out 20% in tokens.

TokenStars Team Module
TokenStars Team Module

Scouting Module —
Find the players

Fans can earn rewards for their work as scouts. Scouts look for promising young talent around the world, submit applications, help assess the talents, help negotiate the terms of the deals. The rewards are paid in tokens.

‘Juan’ noticed a promising young football player, submitted the application to the platform and received $10K payment in tokens.

Voting Module

The platform will hold votes among token holders on the significant decisions (approving new players, renewing the Head of Scouting contract).

Stars might hold votes which everyone can trust. E.g. а ‘live Tamagotchi’ can be implemented when fans vote for actions.

A ‘pop-star’ holds votes among the fans about what to wear to a date, what to order at a restaurant, and gets higher engagement and publicity.

TokenStars Team Module
TokenStars Team Module

Betting Module

The platform might organize ‘fantasy tournaments’ to select the best Scouts among the token holders. Rewards are paid in tokens.

The token holders might place bets for the signed celebrities and earn rewards in tokens.

‘Roberto’ participates in TokenStars quarterly fantasy football tournaments, makes the most accurate predictions and wins the 1st prize.

Bounty Fan Clubs Module

‘Bounty programs’ for existing fan clubs motivate the fans financially to help the star. The star gets an instrument to appoint tasks (promote the new album, translate the interview etc.) and reward most active fans in tokens, while avoiding the high salary costs.

‘Madonna’ has 70,000 fan club members worldwide. They start getting paid for work in tokens, and promote the star.

TokenStars Team Module
TokenStars Team Module

Fans Communications Module

Easy-to-use tools allow celebrities setting up text and video chats with fans. The monetization is built-in (paid questions, paid VIP chat participation or advertising layer for free participants).

‘Neymar’ holds a Periscope video chat for 10,000 fans who pay $5 each (in tokens) to enter.

Contests & Charity Module

The platform itself or particular stars can hold contests among their fans with prizes (in merchandise or tokens). Trusting the contest mechanism is essential.

A singer ‘Enrique’ releases a new album and needs to engage his fan base. He launches a global contest with hundreds of prizes. The community trusts the results.

TokenStars Team Module
TokenStars Team Module

Advertising Smart Contracts Module

Smart contracts builder for brands allows:

  • brands to use CPA model (paying for desired actions,verified by the system)
  • all parties to trust each other (the payment will happen if the advertising really brought actions, not bots)
  • simplify negotiations and lower transaction costs.

‘Coca-Cola’ wants to place an ad in ‘Snowboarders’ Instagram and pay $50 for every submitted application. In a few clicks they develop a contract and make a deal.

Brands Relations Module

Fans can earn rewards for their work as promoters. Promoters look for potential advertisers for the young talent around the world, submit applications, help negotiate the terms of the deals. The rewards are paid in tokens.

‘Wei’ finds a local SMB advertiser for a player in China and gets 10% commission.

TokenStars Team Module
TokenStars Team Module

E-commerce Module

The platform or celebrities can set up online stores with personalized goods. Part of the purchases might be made in tokens.

Tennis star ‘Maria’ has a contract with Nike, she sets up an online store with autographed Nike products via TokenStars e-commerce module.


The team of 25+ experienced professionals with outstanding track record in US and European Internet projects:

$350 million worth of closed financing and VC deals.
Global scale: 100+ million users acquired in Groupon, Pixoniс, Evernote.
2-time Cannes Lions award prize winner.

Team members

Pavel Stukolov 
Investment professional, ex-M&A and Strategy director for media business in JSFC Sistema with a total valuation of assets exceeding $95 million. Pavel closed deals worth of $250 million in venture investments, M&A, and debt fundraising.
Evgeniy Potapov 
10 years of experience as the Founder & CEO at IT Summa, a 60-employee DevOps company with offices in Russia and San Francisco, CA. IT Summa provides a full package of DevOps support and infrastructure management services around the world. The client list of IT Summa includes more than 300 companies. More than 100 million people visit the projects that IT Summa supports every day. There are top e-commerce, media, and other websites, including HABRAHABR (Russia), Edwin (USA), Culture Whisper (UK), Elafris (USA), FINDO, INC. (USA), ANYCHART (USA), MEMEGLOBAL (ISRAEL), APPSGEYSER (USA), and ENTERRA (USA).
Aler Denisov 
Smart-contract Developer 
Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in commercial development. Participated and managed the development of software for leading brands in Russia: Sberbank, RZD, aircraft building companies: Sukhoi, MiG, Tupolev, Ilyushin. Core developer of an open-source library to construct of corporate blockchains: exonum-bootstrap, participated in the development and advised projects: Brat, Edem, Proof-of-Status. A key speaker on the subject of smart contracts and decentralized applications at Cryptocacademy.
Timur Gavrilov 
Head of Product 
Ex-Product Director at Lingualeo (17 mln users, TOP-5 worldwide), product manager at ABBYY, product and R&D manager at Flocktory (sold by Qiwi for 800M rur), and regional director at Groupon. Has been working in IT since 2011. Huge expertise in product strategy.
Irina Shashkina 
Marketing Director 
Ex-CMO at Groupon Russia (operations in 53 cities). Ex-Biz Dev Executiveat Rambler&Co ($0.6 bn market cap). Ex-CEO at LinguaLeo.
Michael Zak 
COO, Head of Celebrities ICO 
Michael leads Celebrities IPO @TokenStars. Prior to joining TokenStars, Michael spent 14 years in marketing, leading consumer communication, product and innovation strategies in major FMCGs: Mars, PepsiCo, Mondelez. He engaged consumers by creating disruptive advertising for the leading consumer brands Snickers, Lay’s and Jacobs and collaborating with top-tier athletes and TV-stars. After that, he launched successful e-commerce startup and led several consulting projects in marketing and fundraising strategies. Michael holds MSc with distinction and Ph.D. degree in Economics.
Madina Hooke 
Head of Sponsorships 
Ex COO at Visual DNA, Former Regional Director at Groupon Russia. Ex Commercial Director at Gruppo Mall (Spain) Russia. Started career with travel agency which successfully sold in 2007. Lived and worked in Spain and Belgium for several years.
Mikhailius Derkach 
Design advisor 
Ex Art-Director of LeoBurnett Moscow, Member of Art Directors Club Russia. Has been awarded two Cannes Lions. Founder of ProExpedition Adventures Journal. Designer and usability specialist.
Nick Grigoriev 
Head of Support 
Works in communications since 1999. Founder and CEO of Mediurg digital agency, which has helped establishing the first total social support systems for companies like Tele2, Mail.Ru Group, and Rostelecom (Russia's largest telecom operator).
Lena Mintz 
Head of PR 
PR jedi with 10+ years of professional experience. Ex-head of strategic PR projects at Mail.Ru Group. Co-founded an award-winning A-TAK communications agency. Author of "Exhibition management" and "In Social Networks. Twitter: 140 characters of self-expression" books as well as of over 50 articles on PR and internet marketing issues.
Irina Soshinskaya 
Localization manager 
Ex-GM and head of localization of Evernote Russia (over 200M users worldwide, 5 applications and website are localized to 23 languages). Earlier \u2013 GM at startups in decorative commercial lightning and real estate.

Blockchain & Business Advisors

Edgar Kampers 
Blockchain advisor 
Entrepreneur, Director at QOIN. Edgar is Chief Currency Officer at Qoin, where he focuses on policy strategy, monetary design, legal advice and compliance, fundraising, as well as monitoring and research. Mr. Kampers has long experience in assisting authorities, SMEs and citizens to use community currencies to reach social inclusion, build community, stimulate economic development and ecological balance. Edgar is active in the TimeQoin division, which is specialised in the development, design, implementation and research of customized currencies.
Wulf Kaal 
Blockchain advisor 
Entrepreneur, Technologist, Professor. Leading expert at the intersection of law, business, and technology. Mr. Kaal advises crypto companies, crypto startups, venture capital funds, and international policy makers on blockchain based solutions in FinTech and LegalTech. His speaking engagements include presentations at the European Central Bank, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, UCLA. Wulf is the director of the Private Investment Fund Institute (PIFI). Previously, he worked with Cravath, Swain & Moore LLP (NY), and Goldman Sachs (London).
Tomoaki Sato 
Blockchain advisor 
Tomoaki is the founder and blockchain engineer at Starbase, a decentralized token based crowdfunding platform, where he envisions to support innovative startups globally. An early blockchain enthusiast, Tomoaki has founded Smart Contracts Japan, the first company to provide research and smart contracts-related consulting services to IT system integrators and financial institutions in Japan. While running the company, Tomoaki held numerous tech meetups and conferences, participated by Sony, Microsoft, ConsenSys and other blockchain startups.
Ksenia Chabanenko 
Marketing & PR Advisor 
Ex-VP Communications & BizDev at Group and (LSE: MAIL, $8.9 billion market cap). Founder of an award-winning A-TAK communication agency. Author of the first book about Twitter, every sentence in which was no more than 140 characters.
Alexander Stratilatov 
Brand Partnerships Advisor 
JAMI co-founder and managing partner (top 5 Russian digital agency, winner of international awards: Tagline, Silver Mercury, NeForum). Alexander personally led agency\u2019s key accounts: Samsung, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Powerade, VW.
Eugeny Kuznetsov 
User Acquisition & Retention expert 
Investor and CMBO (Chief Business Model Officer) at Welltory. Founded WIM -\ CRM agency with clients including S7 Airlines, UTair, M.Video, and Philip Morris. Eugeny has also founded and successfully sold MyLead - a lead generation agency with 45% profitability over 2 years.


Elena Masolova 
Serial entrepreneur with 3 exits, founder at Groupon Russia (0 to $15M in monthly revenue in 450 days), Pixonic, Eduson and AddVenture Fund. Elena was named among Top-30 internet entrepreneurs by Forbes, 30 under 30 with Alex Ovechkin. Featured in WSJ, BusinessWeek, Forbes, RBC, Channel 1. Prize winner at amateur tennis tournaments as a junior, a life-long tennis fan.
Victor Shpakovsky 
Co-founder and Managing Partner at The Token Fund (Civic, Storj, Tezos, Qtum in portfolio).
A tennis fan.
The Token Fund 
The Token Fund provides an opportunity for investors looking for the simplest way to get into the decentralised economy.
Andrej Rusakov 
Investor & Business Advisor 
Andrej is an investor and a serial entrepreneur who has launched and financed companies in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence, technology, and branded consumer goods. Andrej is a co-founding partner and seed investor in Data Capital Management, the new generation hedge fund leveraging cognitive computing, advanced artificial intelligence and big data technologies. Prior to Data Capital Andrej worked at Apax Partners where he was involved in c. $1 billion worth of buy-outs worldwide as part of the Technology Investment Team. Before joining Apax Partners, Andrej worked in the M&A team of Morgan Stanley in London. Andrej holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and MSc. in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow State University.


Sports Advisors

Veronika Kudermetova 
The winner of 19 WTA & ITF tournaments (3 in singles, 16 in doubles). Currently No. 66 in WTA doubles; No. 196 in singles. Universiade bronze medalist (2015). Age: 20.
Ekaterina Makarova 
Olympic champion 
TokenStars and Natura Siberica launch a project with Ekaterina Makarova – Olympics and Wimbledon tennis champion! Ekaterina Makarova: ranked No. 3 in WTA doubles, Wimbledon 2017 champion and Olympics 2016 champion, winner of 15 WTA tournaments. Natura Siberica is the first Russian brand of a high-quality organic cosmetics with an annual revenue of approximately $50M.

Tennis Advisors

Sergey Demekhine 
Coaching & Scouting Advisor 
Tennis coach with 8 years of experience, retired ATP tennis player, Vera Zvonareva's head coach in 2010-2011 (No.2 in WTA rankings, rising from No.22 in the beginning of coaching) - Wimbledon & US Open 2010 singles finalist, Australian Open 2011 semi-finalist. A-level GPTCA certification holder (Global Professional Tennis Coach Association).
Dmitry Sergeev 
Sports Advisor 
Dmitry is CEO of Bwin Russia, leading the development of the major international online betting platform in Russia. Dmitry is also the Founder and Managing Director of #1 Russian sports digital media, part of Rambler&Co group worth 0.6Bn USD. He is one of the best media managers in Russia (ranking AAA by PwC). Launched more than 10 startups. Previously senior managing director of news media (14M users) and marketing vice-president of “Torpedo” (Moscow) football club.

Token pre-sale start

TEAM Token Sale will start in November and close before the end of 2017

Details to be updated soon