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  • Predictions module increases token demand.
  • It is viral and attracts new users to our community.
  • Premium features for large token holders.
  • Creates new opportunities in growing industries, like betting and talent assessment.
  • Make daily sports predictions and get token rewards.
  • No stakes required - forecast the outcomes and earn tokens with no risk.
  • Contribute to community wisdom and help us gather valuable data for developing ML and AI platform.
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Flash Facts

42% of predictions are successful

Reward for each correct forecast

No risks

Many sports to choose from

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TokenStars CEO Explains Predictions Module

Simple Rules

  • Add and start Telegram @TokenStars_Predictions_bot and complete your profile to get your first token reward.
  • Answer your questions DAILY to earn more tokens.
  • You don’t need to pay to predict and win tokens.
  • Withdrawal of tokens (you will need to register and add your ERC-20 address).
  • Buy more tokens to get access to the premium platform features.
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