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Tobias Wegmuller

Tobias Wegmuller Poker player

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Bern, Switzerland
ID: 876

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Overall Statistics

Year Tournaments Average profit Average Stake ROI Profit
2018 1561 8 24 39% 10661
All time 35137 5 15 45% 175000


Date of Birth 1986-10-03
Nationality Germany
Age started poker 22
  • Tobias is playing online poker since 2009, in his career he played over 35000 tournaments mainly on PokerStars. In that time, he won over 175.000$ USD, by playing midstakes SnG, MTTs. During the last year he played 1500 MTTs, his winrate and ROI are good and will improve with coaching and moving up to higher stakes.

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Favorite WSOP tournament Main Event
Favorite WCOOP tournament Main Event
What are the player’s goals for the next year? I want to increase the level of my game and raise my abi
Hobby MixFight and travel
Favorite poker player Sam Trickett

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Most online volume Tobias played on European PokerStars focusing on SnG tournaments. His results are amazing, Ranked 5th in terms of profit in the ranking of players in Switzerland. His evbb/100 is good and close to the real number over a big sample, this is a significant sign of being a winning player. Constant profit at the medium stakes made him hungry and he shot during series in higher stakes. His ITM is 25%, average ROI 45 % and he cashed in total over 175.000$. He has big potential and moving to high stakes is just a question of time.

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Major Wins

Network Date Type Stake (incl. Rake) Position Profit
PokerStars 2013-02-11 The Bigger $8.80 [$50K Gtd] 8.8$ 1
PokerStars 2018-10-09 $11 NLHE [8-Max], $100K Gtd 11$ 1
PokerStars 2015-01-18 The Big $22, $50K Gtd 22$ 1

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