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Lukas Fruhbauer

Lukas Fruhbauer Poker player

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Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
ID: 876

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Overall Statistics

Year Tournaments Average profit Average Stake ROI Profit
7000 1933 7996 4 1% 100
All time 7000 26784 8 2% -1107


Date of Birth 1992-03-09
Nationality Czech Republic
Age started poker 25
  • First start play I remember watching randomly WSOP on TV with Chris Moneymaker and Samy Farha heads-up and I was fascinated by the game, then watched tv series poker after dark played some games in breaks at college and then into online after my 20s..first cash games and then I transform to play mats and SnGs, but I did not understand many aspects and was playing randomly how I felt its good, even I try to learn bench masterclass this year and watching twitch streamers daily, jefgros, tonka, bfiz, matstaples, pav, lex and I hope still has a brighter future before me, but I'm not finding stable right now.

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Favorite WSOP tournament Main Event
Favorite WCOOP tournament Main Event
What are the player’s goals for the next year? I want to increase the level of my game and raise my abi
Hobby Historical & fantasy movies/games, 90s music, nature, healthly lifestyle
Favorite poker player Sammy Farha

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  • Lowstakes
  • ITM
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Expert’s resume

Lukas is playing online poker since 2016, in his career he played over 7000 tournaments mainly on PokerStars. He playing only low-stakes MTTs. His skill will improve with coaching and moving up to mid -stakes. His commitment to playing poker fulltime will make him even more successful in the future.

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Preferred online poker room

Screen name 1:

Screen name 2: Party Poker/BraveheartCZ

Major Wins

Network Date Type Stake (incl. Rake) Position Profit
Party Poker 2019-05-20 SnG 5$ 1
PokerStars 2018-12-08 The Bigger $5.5 [$20K Gtd] 5$ 1

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