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Stijn Pollentier

Stijn Pollentier Poker player

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Bruges, Belgium
Andrey Ermilov

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Year Tournaments Average profit Average Stake ROI Profit
2018 848 1 1 41% 96
All time 18333 1 3 18% 8002


Date of Birth 1988-08-04
Nationality Belgium
  • I'm a 31yo developer from Bruges, Belgium area. Been playing poker for 8 years but nothing too serious. Always been grinding a little money on the side to cover some extra expenses and for fun of course. I'm playing the 2.50 180's atm and am looking for staking for those + higher buy-in mttsng's and mtt's. For schedule mtt's I think a wild guess would be up until $11 if you'd draw the comparison to the avg mtt skill level. Other than funding the main reason I'm looking for staking is the coaching/community feeling. As I have no real poker friends, strategy resources to improve my game are rather rare and I don't have the roll yet to invest in a RYE type course.

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Favorite WSOP tournament Don't really care but the main event I guess :P
Favorite WCOOP tournament 25k 8max high roller
What are the player’s goals for the next year? To become a pro
Hobby Football, running, swimming. Sports in general.
Favorite poker player Steffen Sontheimer

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Screen name 1: / Pollentier

Screen name 2: / staynicetome

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