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JACOB LIZOTTE Poker player

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Guelph, Canada
ID: 1597

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Year Tournaments Average profit Average Stake ROI Profit
2018 835 1 4 25% 987
All time 13488 1 3 30% 9607


Date of Birth 1988-01-05
Nationality Canada
Age started poker 15
  • My name is Jake Lizotte, I've been playing poker on and offline for over 15 years. My online tracking shows me in the top 99 percentile of players. I feel I always have and still do have an edge over the game, both online and at a real table. I've always been good with numbers and I definitely enjoy studying the game. Aside from poker I also do freelance marketing, freelance sales, and business strategy. I'm a big fan of old hip hop, and still enjoy writing lyrics from time to time. I also enjoy training boxing, and I'm hoping to get into jujitsu soon.

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Favorite WSOP tournament Main event $1k
What are the player’s goals for the next year? To improve, minimizing mistakes as often as possible and learning from them when they're made.
Hobby Boxing, ufc, magic the gathering

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Network Date Type Stake (incl. Rake) Position Profit 2019-09-16 No-limit-Holdem 10$ 2 out of 4764

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