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Robert Hegedus

Robert Hegedus Poker player

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Son Ferrer, Spain
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Date of Birth 1990-07-12
Nationality Hungary
Age started poker 18
  • I am a poker streamer I play mtts mainly but I try to add spins on my streams as well. As a poker player I play over 10 years and the last 2 years I put a huge volume of study into my game as well. In 2019 in Madrid I played the ept main event witch I finished 55th place out of 1235 players. I joined king Kong poker team early this year and immediately I joined the stream team as currently my company is on hold because of the covid so all m time I dedicate to poker and stream. My twitch chanel is : riverbropoker . My idea is to work together end in my streams I also can use your logo in my banners and promote you guys. My plan for this year and the next is to grow and study hard

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What are the player’s goals for the next year? Make poker and streaming my full time job
Hobby Poker
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