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Margarita Andreyuk

Margarita Andreyuk Junior

Stavropol, Russian Federation
ITF Ranking
Anna Tereshchenko

Сontract signed

Overall Statistics

year win-loss games rank tournaments titles
2022 9 - 1 10 500 - -
All time 31 - 5 36 494 - -


Date of Birth 2003-05-08
Nationality Russian Federation
Age started tennis 11
  • I took on playing tennis late, in 2014, when I was 11. Before that, I was keen on show jumping. Once a friend of mine invited me to his tennis practice, so I went, just for the company. I realized that tennis was something I came to love more than anything else. I used to spend 6 hours a day on the court, practicing both individually and in teams. Six months later I won my first national tournament. In 2017, I became an absolute champion of TE Under 14 tournaments in Armenia. In 2018, I was the champion of TE Under 16 tournaments in Azerbaijan. In 2019, I became champion of 2 ITF JUNIOR series tournaments in Georgia. In 2020 I won the first prize at the ITF JUNIOR tournament in Turkey.

Additional info

What are the player’s goals for the next season? To start playing WTA tournaments.
Favorite player Rafael Nadal

Player Skills Diagram

Strongest skills
  • Serve
Skills to Improve
  • Slice

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ITF Ranking Profile
Forehand Right handed
Backhand Double-handed
Coach Vladislav Vikulin

Ranking ITF

Ranking Date Result
Current combined - 500
Сareer high combined - 494

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