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Carl Emil Overbeck

Carl Emil Overbeck Junior

Copenhagen, Denmark
ITF Ranking
ID: 410

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Overall Statistics

year win-loss games rank tournaments titles
2023 24 - 14 38 273 17 1
All time 29 - 20 49 273 55 6

Latest match

Carl Emil Overbeck
Carl EmilOverbeck
Francisco Andreu Garcia
FranciscoAndreu Garcia
6 - 3 7 - 6(5)

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Date of Birth 2001-08-11
Nationality Denmark
Age started tennis 9
  • I have always loved playing with a ball no matter what sport. My dad suggested tennis as we could plan tournaments to fit into family plans. Quite fast became a top 10 player in Denmark and we almost spent all weekends at tournaments around the country. 6 years ago I joined a Swedish academy EuroElite and that was the beginning of my life as an international tennis player. I’ve enjoyed every day since. I have a varied serve and I’m strong in both sides and at the net – I’m an all-around player, who fight. Winning international titles during the years and the Danish Nationals this summer is the best feeling and it makes me confident and has motivated me to go for the next level

Additional info

Racquet brand Babolat
String brand Babolat
Clothing brand Babolat
Shoe brand Babolat
What are the player’s goals for the next season? As high ranking on ITF as possible - playing high grades during 2019 Dream/goal = US Open Probably try some 15K$ tournaments
Hobby Tennis is #1! Sailing and surfing
Favorite player Roger Federer

Player Skills Diagram

Strongest skills
  • Return
  • Slice
  • Volleys
Skills to Improve
  • Serve
  • Drills and footwork

Expert’s resume

He serves well using a fast wrist motion, and can use more body rotation and meet the ball at the higher point to be able serve more aggresively and change the direction. Often serves to the body which makes it predicable and can allow opponents to begin the attack on the return. He returnes well from the backhand side, with a good shoulder swing, and can improve his forehand return by a better coordination between torso and legs. Solid forehands due to his fast and sharp hand motion, can improve it further by using faster legs. A good ball felling when hitting backhands, can change the spin well, though he needs to get ready for the next shot faster. The slice shot is stable and the technique allows him to hide it well. Excellent volleys with a good trajectory control and nice footwork. He tend to play a more defensive tennis and tries to use his strong advantage - a good slice shot in a combo with a great volley at the net to win the point.

Additional info

ITF Ranking Profile
Other Ranking Profile
Forehand Right handed
Backhand Double-handed
Training Academy Scandinavian academy
Coach Kenneth Carlsen, Tine Sheuer Larsen, Michael Tauson, José Silva
Injuries within last 24 months None
Favorite court Hard court Clay court

Ranking ITF

Ranking Date Result
Current combined - 273
Сareer high combined 31/12/2018 273


Date Tournament Location Result
December, 2018 ITF Paradis Open Bergen, Norway Finalist (SGL)
October, 2018 GreenMax Cup International Junior Championships 2018 (G4) Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei Finalist (DBL)
August, 2018 ITF High Coast Sweden Junior Open 2018 Kramfors, Sweden Winner (SGL)
August, 2018 Epetion Cup (ITF) Split, Croatia Finalist (DBL)
July, 2017 TE Kystmesterskaberne 2017 Rungsted Kyst, Denmark Winner (SGL)
July, 2017 TE Kystmesterskaberne 2017 Rungsted Kyst, Denmark Winner (SGL)
June, 2017 Copenhagen TE 2017 Frederiksberg, Denmark Finalist (SGL)
January, 2017 Stavanger open TE 16 Stavanger, Norway Winner (DBL)
May, 2016 TE - Stabekk Stabekk, Norway Winner (DBL)
November, 2015 TE-Artic TE 14 Stavanger, Norway Winner (DBL)

Last 10 games

Date Opponent Result Tournament Surface
01-01-2019 vs Raphael Perot 1-6 6-3 6-2 SALK Open (ITF) Hard
01-12-2018 vs Emilien Voisin 3-6 0-6 ITF Paradis Open Hard
01-12-2018 vs Herman Hoeyeraal 6-2 4-4 ITF Paradis Open Hard
01-12-2018 vs Felix Nordby 7-5 6-4 ITF Paradis Open Hard
01-12-2018 vs Rudolfs Aksenoks 7-6(3) 6-4 ITF Paradis Open Hard

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