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Kristaps Zusevics

Kristaps Zusevics Poker player

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Riga, Latvia
ID: 604

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Year Tournaments Average profit Average Stake ROI Profit
2018 4633 9 25 53% 42804
All time 7045 9 22 48% 60238

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Date of Birth 1990-03-07
Nationality Latvia
Age started poker 20
  • Hello, my name is Kristaps Zusevics I'm 29 and from Riga. I play poker for around 8 years now and spent most of my time offline playing cash games NL200-500 and tournaments. In 2016 I started to play more online at low and midstakes and was continuously winning. Off the tables, I like to travel and play ice hockey.

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Favorite WSOP tournament Main Event
Favorite WCOOP tournament Main Event
What are the player’s goals for the next year? 50k Profit
Hobby Ice hockey and travel
Favorite poker player Doug Polk

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Kris started playing poker in 2011 at local casinos in Riga, focusing on cash games. He played NL200-500 and added from time to time some tournaments. Summer 2018 he began to play fulltime online no limit holdem tournaments and won so far almost 30,000$ winning constantly almost every week. His results and winrates are good, his experience in cash games gives him a big advantage. His ITM is 30%, average roi 52% and he cashed in total over 100.000$ in less than a year playing low and midstakes. He has big potential and moving to high stakes is just a question of time.

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Preferred online poker room 888

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Screen name 2: Partypoker/KrisTheVillain

Screen name 3: 888Poker/VillainKris

Screen name 4: WPN/KrisTheVillain

Screen name 5: Poker Group / Kristaps Overall

Major Wins

Network Date Type Stake (incl. Rake) Position Profit
Pokerstars 2018-09-14 Progressive KO 11$
Pokerstars 2018-07-22 Progressive KO 22$
Pokerstars 2018-09-09 Big $22 22$

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