Module Talent Scouting

TokenStars platform creates an efficient system of scouting, funding and further support of the talented athletes.

The innovative approach is based on encouraging the independent scouts to bring promising young talents on the platform.

After the talent application passes experts assessment and community voting, TokenStars will provide financial support and later receive commission from player’s income.

How the module works

Scouts, located all over the world, bring applications from talented juniors and receive rewards in tokens: ACE for tennis, TEAM for other sports (hockey, esports, poker, football). Scouts are strongly motivated to bring the most ambitious players, because their compensation depends on “how far” the submitted application progresses in the selection. The biggest reward is received for the player who signs the contract with TokenStars.

TokenStars brakes the barriers and creates scouting opportunities for everybody. Everyone can become a TokenStars scout: junior coach, academy representative, or even relatives of the player. You just need to create the TokenStars account, coordinate the submission with the talent and fill in the application form on our website.

Download materials:

Please use these materials to tell the player about TokenStars and opportunities we provide to the promising athletes.

Talent scouting flow

Talent application at the TokenStars platform
up to $50
  • A scout creates an account on the platform and fills in the talent application form.
  • TokenStars procures the anti-fraud checking.
  • The application appears on the platform, the event is registered in the blockchain, and the scout receives a reward.
Assessment by sports experts
up to +$100
  • Players’ evaluation by the sports experts.
  • If the verdict is positive, the application is transferred to the next stage, the event is registered in the blockchain, and the scout receives the additional reward.
Community Voting
up to +$50
  • TokenStars token holders community votes for the candidate’s profile.
  • If the community supports the candidate, the event is registered in the blockchain, and the scout receives the 3rd level of reward.
Signing the Talent support contract
up to +$400
  • TokenStars holds final negotiations with the candidate and agrees on final terms and conditions of financing.
  • When the contract is signed the event is registered in the blockchain, and the scout receives the major reward for his submission.

List of Talents

Fahd Tazergha

Fahd Tazergha

  • Age: 31
  • Sport: Poker
  • Country: MAR
Rejected by experts
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Metka Komac

Metka Komac

  • Age: 18
  • Sport: Tennis
  • Country: SVN
Rejected by experts
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Paulo Jorge Ramos Pereira

Paulo Jorge Ramos Pereira

  • Age: 42
  • Sport: Poker
  • Country: PRT
Rejected by experts
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